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    How to make an iPhone 5s movie out of DVD Disc for playback

    Nowadays, it believes that all of us have a smart phone at hand and there is no any doubt that every one was inspired by the phones’ big and high-definition touchscreen, and because of these stunning devices, we fall into love video playback entertainment. Especially for these big DVD movies...
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    Which DVD to MP4 Converter would you choose

    F For a Mac user to rip a DVD to MP4 video, which should i choose?
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    DVD to MP4 Mac

    DVD to MP4 Mac
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    How to download DVD to iPad Air for playback

    Are you still exciting about the new iPad Air that has been launched on November 1, 2013? Yes, it is really a good device that is worthy to have and compared with the previous models, this new Apple device is much lighter, thinner and smarter than its predecessors. While if you have got it, I...