App Nap un peux d'explication SVP

je me demande a quoi sa peux bien servir en réalité

si ont le désactive quel est les impact sur les logiciel

A découvrir : la fonction Recherche ;-)

et à lire :

MacGeneration | Toute l'actualité Apple

Performances dégradées sous Mavericks ? Désactivez App Nap

Selon Apple : App Nap helps you save power when you’re working with multiple apps at the same time. OS X can tell when an app is completely hidden behind other windows. And if that app isn’t currently doing something for you — playing music, downloading a file, or checking email, for example — App Nap conserves valuable battery life by slowing the app down. But as soon as you start to use it again, the app instantly shifts back to full speed. It’s so seamless you’ll think it had been running that way all along. App Nap works the same way with Safari tabs, so only the visible tab is running at full speed. With App Nap, CPU energy use can be reduced by up to 23 percent

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