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trouvé sur le forum mac os x apple us :

There is a thread at:
People there discuss reasons why the GUI runs like a performa 5200 with OS9.
It seems Quartz has no interface to support a 2D accelerated graphics card. One Reason for this: The translucent windows makes it very hard for a graphics card to accelerate dragging, scrolling, resizing of windows. Everything must be done with the CPU.
This sounds very likely to me. I have an ATI128 in a B&W G3 and a ProFormance 3. Both are nearly equivalent in 2D operations when both cards using the same screen size. But the ProFormance runs unaccelerated according to the FAQ of Formac.

I also spoke to a Formac TechSupport Guy, and he told me:
"Formac is going out of the Graphics Card business, there will be no Pro Formance 4, and there will be no accelerated Drivers for the PF3". He also was wondering why the US-Page of Formac still tells "Accelerated Drivers will be released after the OSX-Final release Date".

If Apple does not make a change in Quartz by making it possible to disable any translucent and antialiased things, thus enabling 2D Acceleration on Current hardware, OSX will only run nice for everyday business tasks with a 2X733MHZ G4+ CPU, because the OS does all the 2D graphics. You need 1 CPU for the 2D graphics, one for the rest. Also you need a Super-Fast bus for your Graphics card. No PCI, no AGP, Minimum is AGP4X because a Future release of OSX might do the acceleration via mapping main memory to the Graphics card.
Maybe OSX have nice accelerated 3D options, but I dont believe people using these features are the bigger part of Apples-Customers.

I still hope all this is not completely true, but if:
Anybody hoping for Updates which accelerate the GUI on current basic hardware (400 G4+ ATI)or older should consider to return the product to Apple because of unusability.


Très intéressant ce thread sur MacNN. Un responsable d'apple sur Maccentral avait déclaré que dans une future version de Mac OS X, Aqua tournerait nettemment mieux sur les petites configs. Vivement MacWorld NY !!!

Eh oui,

Et d'ailleurs, je me demande si il n'y a pas un rapport direct avec les performances dégeulasses de quicktime que j'ai signalées par ailleurs sur le forum ...