La preuve si besoin en etais encors que le ipod est hyper solide


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17 Septembre 2000

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Pour les anglophobes et ceux qui n'auraient pas envie de lire :
En gros, une jeunne femme de 23 ans a été arrêté pour meurtre. Elle a
fracassé la tête de son petit ami à coup d'iPod (un très célèbre lecteur
Le motif : Brad, son petit ami aurait effacé le contenu de l'iPod; 2000
morceaux Mp3 téléchargés en toute illégalité, ce qui avait pris 3 mois à la
jeune femme pour les réunir...

iPod Used In Domestic Homicide

Friday, March 5, 2004 Posted: 4:50 PM EST (1450 GMT)

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (HLN) - A Memphis woman was arrested and charged with
first-degree murder after she bludgeoned her boyfriend to death with an

Arleen Mathers, 23, was arrested Thursday morning after she called Memphis
Police and said she had killed her boyfriend, according to a Sheriff's
Department report.

When deputies arrived at Mathers' apartment at 528 Poplar Avenue, Mathers
led them to the body of her boyfriend, Brad Pulaski, 27.

Brad Pulaski had died of blunt trauma to the head after being repeatedly
bludgeoned with an iPod, a popular MP3 player produced by Apple.

Police said no motive has been confirmed, although evidence suggested the
murder was the result of a domestic dispute after Pulaski erased the
contents of Mathers' iPod.

According to law officers, Mathers was hysterical when police arrived and
told them that she killed her boyfriend only after he accused her of
illegally downloading music and erased about 2,000 of her MP3s. Mathers
complained that it took 3 months to build her music collection.

An autopsy performed Friday afternoon at Methodist Hospital showed that
Brad Pulaski had been beat multiple times in the face and chest by a blunt
metal object, and died of internal bleeding, said Dr. Felix Klamut, deputy

According to Apple's website, the iPod is partially made of a hard metal
plate that's been praised for it's resistance to regular wear and tear,
like drops and coffee spills.

"It took him a while to die," Dr. Klamut said. "She must have stabbed him
40 to 80 times with that iPod. His death was not instantaneous, that's for

Arleen Mathers was arraigned Friday night by a video hookup from the county
jail. Municipal Court Judge Simon Lambert set her bond at $600,000 and
scheduled a preliminary hearing for March 9.
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