Le Finder sous MacOS X!!!


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Un lecteur de Macintouch nous apprend qu'il a réussi à faire tourner le Finder de MacOS 9 directement sous MacOS X, remplaçant ainsi une partie de l'interface Aqua, et réussissant l'exploit de retrouver sa navigation plus classique, les fenêtres tiroirs etc...

L'exploit n'est pas si exceptionnel: le Finder étant une application, il suffit de la lancer sous MacOS X... Il suffit, il suffit, euh, moi j'ai pas encore essayé...

Je vous libre la contrib originale de cet aventurier:

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Now that Mac OS X PB is out, everyone's [complaining] about how they miss the old Finder. I'm [complaining] about missing the old Finder. Since my Powerbook (Firewire) refuses to boot back into Mac OS 9 (and I've tried everything), I've been feeling really lost, stuck in the OS X Desktop. I still I prefer the good ol' Mac interface. Why waste all that muscle memory?

And then it struck me, hey, it's just an application. Why not try to run it? So I brought it up in the Desktop and double clicked it. And it launched! Take a look at the screenshot for a peek. Also check out the Finder About Box.

Now this is probably super-unsupported and extra-unapproved, but it seems to work. I can browse through my hard drive; move, rename, and copy files; and even launch files. Notice the folder tabs at the bottom of the screen -- they actually work! I just had to turn the dock off (auto-hide) long enough to be able to move them out of its way.

If you command-click on a window title bar and select any folder above "MacOS 9", the OSX Desktop will display the window. Same if you select the "recent applications" folder from the Apple menu -- seems like the open window event is being routed to the OSX Desktop regardless.

It's surprising how fast and snappy the old Finder is, even though it's running in the Blue Box. Totally blows away Desktop.app in terms of speed, although it's only fair to point out that everyone suspects the PB is compiled with debugging code that might slow it down somewhat. Nor is the old Finder isn't drawing into 16- or 32-bit offscreen bitmaps.

Give me the old Finder and a carbonized DragThing and I'm done. That is what I expected the promise of Mac OS X to always be -- the same brilliant interface, with rock-solid UNIX underpinnings. I suspect we'll see the beloved Finder totally killed, though, in favor of Jobs' beloved three-column windows.

If anyone from Apple is listening...the interface matters. The continuity matters. I don't care if it's lickable...if it's strange and alien to me, I'm not going to be able to work.

Rob Terrell

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