Probleme OS10.3 et carte graphique ATI


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23 Janvier 2004
J’avais OS10.2 et tous marchait tres bien mais quand j’ai installé OS10.3 ma deuxieme carte graphique ( ATI XCLAIM 3D) qui pilote mon 2eme ecran n’est pas reconnue, je suis allez dans tableu de bord... Rien a faire quelqu'un pourrait il m'aider ? sur le site ATI j'ai rien trouvé !

Merci de vos conseils
Je n'y crois pas, mais essaie quand même :
  1. Éteins le mac.
  2. Sors la carte.
  3. Rallume le mac en appuyant pomme-alt-P-R. Il faut qu'il y ait cinq redémarrages.
  4. Éteins le mac.
  5. Remets la carte.
  6. Regarde ce que ça donne.

sebinou a dit:
regarde ce que j'ai trouvé chez ATI qu'en pense tu ?


Un gros merci
Avec cette URL, je ne vais pas voir grand chose.

Bon, je me mets en chasse.

Voila ce que j'ai trouvé mais je comprend pas ce qui faut charger !!!

RADEON Update for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)

November 2003

The latest updates for all ATI products are available on the ATI web site. Check the site regularly for new driver installations and documentation updates.

This document contains last-minute updates and important information that is not found in the User's Guide or in any addendum accompanying other ATI RADEON Software Installers.

Please finish reading this file before proceeding with the installation.

Release Notes

ATI Displays 4.0/4.1 and ATITVOut.kext do not work with Panther, Mac OS X 10.3
The ATI Displays versions included in previous installers do not work correctly with Panther, Mac OS 10.3. Specifically, Mac2TV™, the Advanced pane including VERSAVISION and the OpenGL Overrides features of ATI Displays were unusable if installing the software for the RADEON 9800 Pro after installing Mac OS X 10.3.

This update fixes the following potential issues:

* Installer program putting some required files into the incorrect folder on the 10.3 boot drive (namely ATITVOut.kext)
* ATITVOut.kext fails to load with Mac OS X 10.3
* ATI Displays shows an error stating ATITVOut.kext version is too old
* ATI Monitor not launched by ATI Displays
* ATI Displays does not quit or takes very long to quit
* ATI ROM Xtender is not required for Panther (replaced by ATIRuntimeDriver - included in Panther)

NOTE: The ATI Displays application included in this release is intended to address the above compatibility problems only. It includes the same feature-set of the previous release included in the RADEON 9800 Update 1.1. Any new features will be available in a future full point release.