Airport sous mosX


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dans le forums Macnn, ça s'agitent fort...
l'Airport serait sorti de l'ombre du kernel :)

Quelques bidouilleurs auraient réussi l'exploit d'airpotiser leur X.. Je vous livre tout de go la contrib la plus "accessible" pour ceux qui veulent relever le défi:

how to for non-geeks: (it really works!!)

turn on your computer and start-up using os x.

log in as "root"- type that in as your username, no password. you have to do this to gain access to change system files.

in the directory: system->library->extensions, make another folder called "Airport.Kext".

Open up a text editor, usually the one included in os x called "text editor" duh! anywho, under format, select plain text instead of rich text. then paste/type exactly as show:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<plist version="0.9">
<string>March 17, 2000</string>
<string>Apple Computer, Inc.</string>

then restart your machine. log is as you normally would this type. select system preferences, and choose network. you will see a different setting, one called ethernet card 1- choose it and select dhcp (hopefully that is what your isp uses, if not, you are most likely out of luck). you may have to click the lock to make changes. in any case, keep selecting stuff until the "apply" button is available. when you restart, your airport should be functioning. if not, you may not have an apple airport card. good luck.


bien entendu, si ça marche chez vous, n'hésitez pas à le crier bien fort :)
j'ai pas dû voir la news...
le site MacG' semble avoir eu pas mal de problème ce week-end...
Oui, oui, ça marche !!!! Un peut lent certe mais ça fonctionne !