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MacNN.com Reader 12388 What a Replacement! 2/1/01, 6:03 pm EST
I called Apple Care Tuesday night regarding my failed Airport Base Station and lo and behold- there was a box from Apple left at my door today when I returned home from work.

The box was a bit big for a basestation- but sometimes they ship with whatever boxes they have. It seemed a bit heavy too...

The thought occured to me that there might have been a mixup and they shipped an iBook by mistake since that's what I've got the extended warranty for. It wasn't.

It was a brand new, G4 PowerBook 500mhz! How the heck can they mis-ship something via a warranty repair program that hasn't even reached paying customers yet????

But then again, with an Airport card the Powerbook would make a pretty nifty Basestation... Hmmmm....

I should probably open up the product box just to make sure that it really isn't a Basestation inside of a PowerBook G4 case, but if it's a real PB G4 I don't know if I could bring myself to send it back!

Has anyone ever heard of a mis-shipment of this severity?

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MacNN.com Reader 12392 What a Replacement! (2) 2/1/01, 6:17 pm EST
I was just thinking- I wonder if there's some poor smuck waiting for a PowerBook G4 carrying in a box and thinking "This seems kind of small for a PowerBook G4"?


Vous vous imaginez ça??? Le type envoie sa base Airport en réparation à Apple et il reçoit en retour un PowerBook G4... par erreur semble t-il... ou alors, ils ont une sacré façon de vouloir se faire pardonner maintenant chez Apple ;-)

lol, j'espère que c'est pas le mien
Sinon, je l'attends avec impatience, n'est-ce pas Mr Jobs

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